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On Writing
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Three Looks at "Show, Don't Tell"

How "accurate" should memoirs be?

Alan Girling on Fiction Writing and Life Experience

Purists and Radicals

Thoughts on Voice

Links to sites useful for writers

Useful instantly as a source of meaning and etymology of slang words and
phrases from all over the world, this 1,200-page British site is full of fascinating
information for any English-speaker--clever quotes from writers, a collection of
"weird words," reviews of books on the language, and a long list of
useful links.
If you ever doubted the wisdom of following the rules of grammar and usage in
your writing, this brilliant essay ought to make you a believer. Then take a
look at Mr. Walker's other pieces on the English language.
Here it is, all laid out nicely. Everyone who writes English should be required
to memorize this. The rest of the site, which belongs to a nice fellow named
JohnnyG, is a mix of personal essays on practically everything; it's fun.
Inspector Mike Taylor is not just a cop--he's judge, jury, and executioner as
well. You'd better watch out! Some of us help him out now and then.