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Midnight. In bed, I wound down, an insane tape of
half-remembered events going through my mind -- snatches
of dialogue, my daughter's frown, a truncated tune. As sleep
approached, sounds I had ignored discovered an entry to my
brain. (298 words - 3/3/03) Published in The Green Tricycle,
June, 2003; this link takes you there.

Exotic Sex Queens

. . . the other night one of those spam headers grabbed my
attention. Right there on the message list, it said:
I didn't read the message, but I got to thinking. Never in my
whole life has anybody ever called me an "exotic sex queen."
(1,400 words - 2/6/02) Published in Wild Violet, June, 2003;
this link takes you there.

Waiting for the No. 39 Bus

She stood there on the Huntington Avenue sidewalk,
luxuriating in the unaccustomed warmth of the spring sun,
waiting for the Number 39 bus. She knew she must look
funny, standing there all alone, smiling. (1,700 words -
5/28/99) First published in LoveWords, February,

Grant Park Blues

Just last June, because he was a blues freak, Arthur Wilson
got lucky. Very lucky. (3,600 words - 3/3/00) First published
in LoveWords, January, 2001. Republished in The Sidewalk's
, Spring, 2002.

Transfer of Data

I have this nice friend named Elizabeth. She's an Episcopalian.
Altar-Guild type. So neat she makes me feel like
I'm dressed like a bum every time I see her. Pillar of the
community, hostess of note. Unblemished, nay, sparkling,
reputation. About forty and beautiful. A little daunting, in
fact, to the likes of me. (1,219 words - 1/22/00) Published
in Wild Violet, February, 2003; this link takes you there.

After the Wedding

"Well, Simon, have you recovered from the wedding?"
"Not really." Simon spread his hands in a gesture of resignation.
(891 words - 1/13/00) First published in The Sidewalk's End,
Summer, 2002.

Fashion Show

"Just what have you got figured out this time, Liz?" Brenda
asked, leaning back in her swivel chair and putting her
feet in her bottom desk drawer. She figured she might
as well make herself comfortable. When Liz started off on
a new idea, it took hours to get her off the line. (11,207
words - 10/31/98) Published in Talespinners' Tavern,
an anthology, 1999; this link takes you there.

Letter of Marque

Bernie's note, written in pencil, lay on his desk. It reminded
him of a letter of marque, a license from the King to sail out
and take prizes from the enemy. And this king wanted some
action, fast. (2,400 words - 2/25/02). First published in
LoveWords, June, 2002.

Jeannine Ladouceur let her eyes wander over the orchestra,
looking for danger. . . . Then she saw him, and she knew.
Danger lurked among the bassoons. (2,039 words - 5/20/2000)
First published in the October-December 2002 issue of

Coffee bars are all over the place, but on Newbury Street in
Boston people sit at little marble-topped tables outside
on the sidewalk, and they actually drink not coffee, but
tea. (1,140 words - 10/6/00) First published in LoveWords,
May, 2002.

I saw the whole thing from the beginning--I was having my
morning cup of tea after breakfast on Tuesday, after the
kids had left for school. As always, I turned on the TV,
and was checking the news when it all started. (537 words
- 9/13/01)


All I'm trying to do is read the newspaper, okay? Nothing
illegal or immoral about that. Just sitting here overseeing
breakfast and reading StanleyFish's article about
post-modernism in the New York Times. (1,700 words
- 10/17/01)