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Favorite Links
Just a few so far, but I'll collect more in my usual haphazard manner.

Things you really ought to read

Read her poems and her biography. Learn about the
ouroboros. She likes cats, but writes beautiful
poetry anyhow. She's been published all over
the place.
Says Steven: "My writing comes from places I don't like to look
at anymore. But the more I ignore them, the more they insist
on being heard. There is no choice in the subject matter for my
muse." Steven writes poems, too--poems not at all like the ones
you're used to. Better.
Peggy's short stories have appeared in a number of print and online
literary magazines. You can read some of her essays and award-winning
stories here. Now, she says, she's "venturing into the longer works
territory while remaining wary of the 'n' word."
Paul just wanted me to mention that he'd published some stories--he forgot
to add that those stories are unforgettable. The ones on this site appeared
first in such print publications as The Crescent Review, Sou'wester, The
South Dakota Review, The Chicago Reader, Sideshow,
and several others.
Gary lives and writes in Missouri. He prefers the creative nonfiction essay
and admits to incorporating some of the techniques of that genre while
speaking out on disability rights. His moving essays have appeared in
Salon, among other distinguished publications.
b.j. lawry's new cozy. A quaint village in quiet hill country surely is a place
where nothing less than beautiful can happen. But in Featherly, Arkansas,
children are disappearing. E-books are the coming thing, and b.j is
one of the pioneers.
Where you'll find her bio and a list of the historical books and videos
she's produced. Her Turning Insights Into Money! Write inspirational stories
for fun and profit
you might find profitable as well as interesting
to read.
In Bob Liter's new novel, a man returns to his hometown to seek revenge
for the humiliation heaped on him and his mother when he was young.
But nothing is that simple for Danny Boy.
Natalie Collins's novel, "Sister Wife," belongs on your to-be-read list. Life
in Utah is not always just one Olympics party after another. For a bonus,
she's an expert on literary agents.
Barbara Watson has just published her memoirs of life as a missionary's
wife in the Dominican Republic. Her husband loved the place, but
Barb? Well . . . .
Peggy Vincent's memoir of her career as a midwife is dramatic, as you'd
expect, but it's also funny. If you read the excerpt on her page,
you'll buy the book.
Captain Diane Diekman's story. A female pioneer, she struggled and
succeeded in the male-dominated world of naval aviation. Now she's
writing the biography of a musician.

Note: Links useful to writers are collected under On Writing.