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Favorite Links

Just a few so far, but I'll collect more in my usual haphazard manner.

LoveWords, the e-zine

This isn't your average e-zine; b.j. lawry, the editor, has a class act going with some very good romantic stories. She posts a new issue every month.

Sister Wife

Natalie Collins's novel, "Sister Wife," belongs on your to-be-read list. Life in Utah is not always just one Olympics party after another. for a bonus, she's an expert on literary agents.

Wake Up, Barb!

Barbara Watson has just published her memoirs of life as a missionary's wife in the Dominican Republic. She'd better wake up, because somebody has to find that snake!

SAGP: The Self-Appointed Grammar Police!

Inspector Mike Taylor is not just a cop--he's judge, jury, and executioner as well. You'd better watch out! Some of us help him out now and then.